01 October 2011

The Week Ahead

Here's what's up in the week ahead! (Unless things pop up, which they generally do!)

MONDAY: In the morning my friend Becca and I are going to King George V park to scope out the location of our Tai Chi class that begins Friday morning. In the afternoon we are going to the Mission; she is interested in volunteering so she's coming with me when I go in for the afternoon.

TUESDAY: Morning at the Mission, most likely working on my case files and keeping them up to date. At 1pm I am going to visit my client at the Tai Lam Women's Centre and bring her a few things. She is on remand until October 14 when the magistrate hands down her ruling. There are only certain items that can be handed over to her so I had to track down a list of 'approved items'.

WEDNESDAY: A national holiday so I have the day off. Hooray!

THURSDAY: Accompanying a client in the afternoon to her MECAB hearing. She's so nervous! Prayers for her.

FRIDAY: Possibly visiting the Archbishop, but that has not been set in stone yet.

SATURDAY: My day off, which I think will be spent baking at a friend's house since I don't have an oven. I miss having an oven!!

posts to come: a post about my client who is accused of 'poisoning' and a post on how the work I'm doing here at the Mission fits with the Five Marks of Mission adopted by the Anglican Communion. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, thoughts, or anything else.

Grace and Peace,

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