17 October 2011

Busy Weekend! + The Week Ahead

I had quite a weekend!

I was off on Saturday, which I spent with various friends new and old. Ended up seeing a movie that started kinda late so I didn't get home til almost midnight!

Sunday I went to church at the Cathedral and then to the Mission. There was a forum in the afternoon on the Right of Abode with one of the lawyers who worked on the case. Well, is working--it is still going on. There were three cases and the lead case is the one that was just ruled on. The government has appealed to a higher court but I think the ruling will stand. HK doesn't want to look bad on human rights nor should it run to Beijing for a ruling on it--that would throw out the rule of law that HK prides itself on using.

After that there was a press conference down by HSBC (a big bank) with several organizations and one legislator (long-hair leung -- really interesting guy, you should read about him) about discrimination of foreign domestic workers. On the other side of the open air area, Occupy Hong Kong has set up tents (and sofas and tables and laptops) and the news media was having a field day. I walked by there today and they are still set up. I was wondering if they would have to leave because HSBC is private property but I was told the open air area underneath is considered public.

Around 6pm I left the Mission with Juvy to see if we could get Kiko the Dog to stay at my apartment until a better situation can be found. We got him up there and begged him to be quiet. He is usually a very quiet, sweet dog. He barked a few times and we did our best to shush him. After Juvy left he was so sad--he just sat by the door waiting for her to come back. Poor Kiko! I called my parents via skype to wish my mother a Happy Birthday and my dad wanted to say hello. I didn't have earphones in and I forgot that he barks at the sound of a man's voice... so I had to calm him down and get my mom back on the line.

This morning I went to my Tai Chi class in Central. I am getting pretty good at it although mostly I just follow the teacher (so I don't always know what is going on or why you move this way...) but there are a couple English speakers who help translate important things. (Like the fact that we still have class even if it is raining... doh)

The week ahead involves case files, writing letters to the Immigration Dept and Labour Dept, assisting an Indonesian with the retrieval of her passport and other documents, possibly baking pumpkin bread at my friend's house, maybe trying out that BBQ place (American Southern BBQ! In Hong Kong!)... Next week will be busy with preparing for the Michaelmas Fair and the Sedan Chair Race on October 30. Some other projects are in the work as well. It's almost November!! I have been here three months already--crazy!

Froyo with the Finns!

Thanks for tuning in. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, thoughts, or anything else.

Grace and Peace,

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