10 October 2011

Back on Track

Finally felt well enough to jump back into life today! What a day it was, too.

Friday I was supposed to begin taking Tai Chi lessons at the park with my friend Rebecca but since I was sick I missed the first class. It is a Monday-Wednesday-Friday so this morning I got up at 7 to make it there by 8. I ended up on the wrong bus though; it went the right direction but did not stop where I thought it would stop and so I ended up huffing and puffing from Pok Fu Lam several streets over (and up a really, really steep hill) to the park. We weren't sure where to go but when we saw a lady checking papers over at one end of the big soccer field (no grass, it's got a surface like a tennis court) we went over. She was actually taking attendance so we pointed out our names to her.

Our classmates were mostly older Chinese and one British guy, and his wife helped translate the class for us. There was another lady who also spoke English so she helped as well. We mostly stood kind of in the middle and tried to follow what was going on, and after a 'warm up' exercise the teacher separated the beginners off to one side. Everyone was really nice and very welcoming to these two young Western girls trying to do Tai Chi. It's quite beautiful and graceful, a lot of the movements remind me of when I took ballet, so it feels good to move like that again.

Since I have Monday mornings off, we went to Wan Chai to The Flying Pan (we have been to the one in Central, which is good, but the one in Wan Chai is bigger and has more 'atmosphere') for breakfast. I had Eggs Norwegian, grits, and fruit.. yum! We browsed around a few stores after, and ended up in Ikea. I have never been to an Ikea before so I was interested (plus I needed a few things for my apt.)... wow, what a place! I came away with a new mattress pad, a lamp, and a mirror for the bathroom.

I went to the Mission around 1 and set to work on my case files. I called a few clients for an update and helped an Indonesian client with her claims. By 7pm I was ready to for home!

Thanks for all of the prayers and well-wishes, I am glad to be back in the swing of things this week. Til next time!

Grace and Peace,

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