07 October 2011


Well, like I said in my last post, things can pop up and derail my plans. Looks like Tonsillitis has taken over for now. I started feeling kinda bad on Wednesday, but it was a public holiday so I had the day off. I had lunch with a friend and then tried to sleep it off in the afternoon.. my throat was sore and I had started to have a runny nose. Woke up on Thursday with a sore throat and felt a little feverish so I decided not to go into work in case it is contagious. Hoped it would go away by today but no luck. I went to the doctor this morning and he says I have tonsillitis. He prescribed me some medication and said to rest and drink lots of fluids, so here I am. Hopefully I will recover by Sunday! Until then, I'm drinking lots of tea and soup!

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