05 February 2012

Peter's visit and Give Care Event

Friday night I received a call from Peter Ng and his colleague Margaret Rose asking if I would be available for dinner that evening. I was, so around 6pm I met up with them in the lobby of the YMCA (where they are staying) and we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Harbour City. Spencer had taken him there on one of his visits and he has been mentioning he would like to go back there. I can see why!! It was a delicious meal, and I thoroughly enjoyed not only the food but the pleasant company as well. The lemongrass bread pudding was amazing!!

I updated them on what is going on here in Hong Kong and about how my service is going.We had a great discussion, and I was really excited to learn that there are 20+ people at the YASC discernment weekend right now!! That is so wonderful!! I can't wait to hear how it went. (And also to get my own deck of Episcopal playing cards...)

After dinner we wandered around Tsim Sha Tsui for a little while and I took them to Temple street. I asked if they had ever had their fortunes told and Margaret said no (Peter is from HK so he had been before), so we went to try and find the man who had told mine when I first got to HK. Every time I have been back since that first week I haven't seen him and was beginning to think he was a ghost---but he was there! He remembered me and he was all "long time no see!" and enthusiastically read Margaret's palms and face and did her Chinese astrology. He was such a sweet guy, and we had fun!

Saturday we met up and walked to the jade market. So many beautiful things for sale! We meandered through the stalls, not really knowing much about jade so we just made some small purchases. Around 12 we went to the Mariner's Club to have lunch with Rev. Catherine and Rev. Stephen. We had a great chat about other ministry opportunities in Hong Kong, and I may expand my role into doing things at some of the daughter churches of St. John's. Also, Peter mentioned the possibility of two YASCers coming to Hong Kong this year, which is awesome! I really hope that works out.

In the evening we went our separate ways, and I went with some friends to the World of Wearableart show in Kowloon Bay. It was really amazing!! This is the first time it has left New Zealand and I'm so glad to have been able to see it. It was a fun evening out with my friends and I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience it.

Today, Sunday, was the second Give Care to the Caregivers event and was held at St. John's. I got to put my years of experience working at Origins to good use--I set up a make up booth and spent the afternoon giving make overs! My friends Becca and Kyle came to help (and Kyle's friend Alexandra too!) and we had a great time. Peter and Margaret stopped by and I showed them around the event. They are heading to the Philippines tomorrow on the second leg of their trip.  Peter will be returning in two weeks when the Presiding Bishop makes her visit, and he is trying to find a time in her very tight schedule to squeeze me in. I might end up riding with her in a car somewhere for a little while and visiting with her then, but hey! personal time with the PB is hard to come by so I am lucky I get to hang out with her!

I really enjoyed Peter and Margaret's visit and I pray for safe travels as they go on to the Philippines tomorrow. This whole weekend was a flurry of busy-ness but it was all wonderful. I'm glad I have Mondays off--I need a day to recuperate and do some laundry! Looking forward to David's visit in a few weeks, it will be good to see him and spend time with him.

Grace and Peace,

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