24 February 2012

David's Visit

Me & David
 Wednesday afternoon I met up with David at the airport and after a smooth ride on the Airport Express, got him checked into his hotel (The Mariner's Club, actually) and then went for a stroll around Tsim Sha Tsui. We had a great time catching up and I loved hearing about his recent travels in Japan and Korea with the Presiding Bishop. She is arriving Saturday afternoon and will be preaching Sunday morning at the 9am service. So excited!

Around four o'clock we met with Rev. Catherine and Rev. Stephen for a lovely chat and then took Rev. Catherine to dinner at the same Vietnamese place that I went to with Peter and Margaret. Second time around did not disappoint! The food and conversation were amazing and lots of good things are afoot for the future of YASC in Hong Kong.

Egg Tart!
Thursday morning we attended the 8:30 service and breakfast with the clergy, then headed off to Macau. I had a bit of a hiccup at the ferry terminal--for some reason I thought I didn't need my passport since I have an HK ID card. Wrong... luckily my apartment isn't far from the terminal so I sprinted home and back, and as we were running to the berth where the ferry was docked a girl came over the intercom to say that the ferry would be delayed by 20 minutes due to the weather. Ha!! I have incredible luck. (Or, as I like to think of it, Someone looking out for me.)
Morrison Chapel

The ferry ride was slow going due to all the fog and rain, but we eventually made it and checked into the Holiday Inn in Macau. It was a nice hotel, centrally located near several sites downtown so I think it was a good choice. We walked to several cultural/historic sites and enjoyed the afternoon despite the chilly, rainy weather.

Included in our site-seeing was Morrison Chapel, site of the Anglican Mission in Macau. In the early days of Macau as Portuguese colony the Catholic church was very prominent and Macau was a launch-point for not only trade but also missions to Asia. In the early 19th century the chapel was built to serve the employees of the British East India company, and adjoining the property is the Old Protestant Cemetery. Because Macau was considered to be a sacred place by the Roman Catholic Church, burial of Protestants there was forbidden. The Chinese weren't too keen on burials outside the city walls either. In 1821 they were finally granted land to bury their dead.  Many of the burials there were seamen from the many trade ships that came through Macau. 
David in the Old Protestant Cemetery
 After much site-seeing (and egg tart eating!) and a meal at a Portuguese restaurant, we headed back to the hotel and spent a few hours chatting in the lobby. It was so great getting to spend the day hanging out with David in Macau!!


We got back to Hong Kong around 11:30 on Friday and met with Cynthia at the Mission. We talked about the projects I am working on and future things going on at the Mission. After a good visit we went to the Citibank tower to see the Church Pension Fund office (which has a great view of the Cathedral, actually). They were really surprised to get a visit from us, and thrilled, so it was a good connection to make.

We went back to TST to re-check david in to the Mariner's Club, then went to the Jade market to look around. David got some things for his wife and daughter, and we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants--Tsui Wah! Sooo yummy.

Since David had an early flight we called it a night at that point and I headed home. It was a great visit and I'm so glad I got to spend time with David here in HK and Macau. Next up is the visit from the PB and I am hoping to snag a few minutes with her while she is here! (and, hopefully, a picture!)

Grace and Peace,

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