26 September 2011

This Week

Today Joy and I went to the hospital to visit someone who had been referred to us. One of her friends had found her wandering ("she was like a robot" they said) in the lobby of their apartment building and brought her to a shelter. The other women at the shelter were concerned because she is listless, does not want to talk (except to say "please don't hurt me"), and when someone got a knife to cut a piece of fruit she was very frightened. They called the Mission and Sol told them to take her to the hospital. She is under observation now, and when we arrived they had taken her up to perform a CT scan.

We tried contacting her family in the Philippines to find out if she has any medical history of such a thing happening, and so far the person we talked to said no. We called a few of her friends also, and they said she was fine the last time they saw her. She had complained of long working hours and her employer nagged at her but that was it. We are thinking something had to have happened to her and are doing what we can to find out. The hospital is contacting the agency and the employer but we told the nurse not to let them in to see her in case they were the reason why she is so frightened. When I went in to see her and introduce myself she was picking at some food--she did not respond when her friend spoke to her and only ate a few bites of her meal. I tried to comfort her a little; I wasn't sure how much English she knew so I just tried to smile at her and let her know I was sympathetic with my eyes.

Tomorrow I am going to Tsuen Wan Magistrate Court. A woman who had been arrested and accused of poisoning and child neglect had written to the Mission from prison asking for help. She is having a hearing tomorrow so Cynthia is sending me up there to try and talk to her and let her know we got her letter.

Also this week I am going with an Indonesian client to her MECAB hearing and to the final judgement of another Filipina client's case. The ministry of presence is so important, y'all.

Thursday the Court of First Instance Judge will deliver his judgement on the right of abode case that I posted about in August. This will be a big day for domestic helpers in Hong Kong and I pray that justice and reconciliation prevail.

So, a busy week ahead. My internet at the apartment has been out for a few days but is back on now. Thanks to all back home for the prayers and support.

I invite your thoughts, comments, questions, or anything else that's on your mind. always!

Grace & Peace,

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