03 September 2011

Serving at the Cathedral

This morning I attended the 8 o'clock service and after it was over I went to the vestry to introduce myself to James, the head server. I thought I was merely going to chat with him for a minute and maybe set something up for later... ah, no. I was given a white robe and told to follow along with the other servers. (Next time wear a white shirt! and black shoes! aiyaahh!)

The 9am service includes the (fabulous!) choir and I basically did what the other servers told me to do... We processed in, sat in the chancel and the service was beautiful. The gradual hymn was an arrangement of Thomas Tallis, my favorite composer of hymns/sacred music, and the sermon continued the theme of taking up the cross from previous weeks. (Since I attended the 8 o'clock service as well I got a double dose!)

During communion I wound up chalice bearing. Not expecting that! Good thing I had plenty of practice at St. Paul's. (I only almost tripped on my robe once!) It was lovely and I was so glad to serve up there at the altar. The recessional hymn was a song I am quite familiar with (Awake, awake fling off the night) so I sang along as we went out. 

Today I am at the Mission in the morning and then in the afternoon I am going with the two Finnish interns to Victoria Park to break (Ramadan) fast with the Indonesians. Looking forward to it! In the coming week I will attend court with some of my clients and answer phones at the Mission, taking in any new clients that come seeking our assistance. 

Next Sunday the Cathedral is having a special service commemorating the 10th anniversary 9/11, promoting peace and healing for the victims, their families, and all who have suffered since in the on-going conflict. Also, it is the anniversary of Bethune House so there will be an event with programs and music and dancing. The shelter has been temporarily displaced from its location at the Kowloon Union Church due to the space being renovated. The pastor of the church will be using the space as the parsonage for her and her family, and the shelter has been moved to some rooms on the ground floor. BH is renting some space in Central and referring to other shelters for the next six months and will move back in once the renovations are complete. 

I hope you had a chance to watch the videos in my previous post. They are very informative and give an idea of what I am doing here and who I am working with and serving. I invite your thoughts, comments, or questions, and wish you a blessed day!

Grace and Peace,

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