29 September 2011

expect the unexpected

Yesterday morning when I woke up around 7 (ok, so maybe it was more like 7:30) I noticed it was very quiet and very windy. I did not think anything was amiss though and got ready for the day as usual.

When I got online to check my email/facebook, however, I noticed several had posted 'Typhoon Holiday! Signal No. 8!' and discovered that the Hong Kong Observatory had raised the typhoon signal number 8 and that means the entire city shuts down for the day. I called Ate Sol to find out what was going on and she told me to go back to bed, lol. So, unexpected day off yesterday and boy did I need it.

Tuesday's court hearing for the helper accused of poisoning/neglect did not go well. (more on this case in another post, forthcoming.) Her defense lawyer is not doing a very good job of defending her (he is court appointed). I managed to speak to her for a few moments before the afternoon session, so I told her who I was and that we had received her letter. I was sorry we hadn't gotten back to her in time to get her better defense.

The next day (Wednesday) I went up to Tai Lam to the Tai Lam Women's Centre (prison) where she is being held. She had applied for bail but couldn't afford it so she has been on remand for the last few months awaiting trial. That was an interesting journey... I took a bus from Central which didn't take long, but had to walk a ways from the bus stop to get there (through what seemed to be a junk yard, abandoned theme park, and natural park area... strangest juxtaposition I've seen). I wasn't allowed to take anything with me in to see her (even though she was behind a glass wall) so I couldn't take notes... I just tried to remember what she said she needed. I was only allowed to see her for 15 minutes. The way home turned into a longer journey than it probably should have been, due to my getting off at the wrong stop a couple of times and taking a public light bus all the way back to Jordan.

Today is supposed to be the conclusion of her trial. I hope things go well, but the outlook is grim.

I invite your thoughts, comments, prayers, questions, or anything else you might have on your mind.

Grace and Peace,

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