12 January 2012


Plans are underway for upcoming events in the next few months! We have had staff meetings about things that will be going on as well as data gathering from last year. I will be putting together a booklet that will give details on the number and types of cases that the Mission handled last year. 

The next Give Care to Our Caregivers event will be Feb 5 at St. John's. It is only going to be a half day this time due to space and time constraints, but it is still going to be an amazing event. I will be putting my cosmetics experience to use (before I came here I worked at a skin care/make up counter in a department store) at a make-over booth. I am so excited! One of the best parts of that job was giving women a boost of self confidence and helping them feel great and I am excited to do it for such a great community of people.

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, Katherine Jefferts-Schori, will be visiting in late February and I am very much looking forward to meeting her. I met her once when she came to the Diocese of Tennessee and I really enjoyed her sermon. I don't know what all she plans to do while she is here but I hope I get to spend some time with her! Accompanying her will be my "bosses", David and Peter. I haven't seen David since the orientation in June so I am also excited to spend some time with him. 

The Mission's 31st anniversary happens in March and there will be several events going on that day. We are partnering with the Equal Opportunities Commission on some events about the Sexual Discrimination Ordinance. 

Life is busy--mostly compiling data from the database and tweaking the new database that I created--but wonderful. I'm so thankful to be here and ready to tackle the next six months. My friends who went home for the holidays are back in town and we have lots of things planned to do together. Time is passing so quickly!! Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this experience possible.

Grace and Peace,

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