07 January 2012

Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu!!!

 After a crazy, crazy trip to Japan visiting fellow YASCers Katie and Nicole, I am back in Hong Kong!

Some highlights of the trip:
1. Spending time with Katie and Nicole!
2. New Year's in Nagoya -- we went to a Buddhist temple where they rang the bell 108 times and we got little fortunes for the new year.
3. New Year's Day traditional food with one of Katie's friends
4. All those crazy train rides where we got lost, went in the wrong direction, got on the wrong train, left a backpack (she got it back eventually!), talked to Japanese people, watched movies, or conked out.
5. Genbaku Dome and Peace Museum in Hiroshima
6. Free upgrade at the hostel in Hiroshima to a private 3-person room with tatami and futons!
7. The Floating Torii Gates at Miyajima
9. Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) in Kyoto
10. Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto (they have a famous rock garden)
11. GION! And the fake geisha that let me take a picture with her... It's been a dream of mine to visit Kyoto/Gion since I was 14.
12. Meeting a couple of Katie's friends who let us hitch a ride with them back to Nagoya
13. Getting stuck in a snowstorm on the drive back to Nagoya--3 hour trip took 6 hours!! But we passed the time with English lessons and naps.
14. All the laughs we shared despite the frustrating situations we encountered
15. Meeting a guy on the plane who, turns out, knew one of my clients!!

and now, some photos! back to work here in HK and lots going on this month. Stay tuned for more posts this month! <3 Kathleen


Three Amigos

Soba Noodles!

New Year's Day Traditional Food

Genbaku Domb in Hiroshima

Torii Gates at Miyajima
Kinkakuji - Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Nicole & Kinkakuji

Buddha Statue at Ryoanji
famous rock garden

you have to attain enlightenment to see all 15 rocks

Okiya in Gion

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