08 December 2011

What's Up Lately

Things are buzzing along here in Hong Kong. Lately work has been fairly busy; I have a couple of somewhat complicated cases going on that keep me on my toes. Here are some of the highlights of the last week:

SUNDAY: I attended the event of one of the Indonesian organizations. There were speeches on different issues (the participants attended a public speaking workshop by one of the AMCB members), dances (both traditional and modern... I love watching the Indonesian Horse Dance! So interesting), and a fashion show where different smaller groups had created outfits out of recyclable materials. I was one of the judges for the fashion show and it was tough! They were really created--and talented! Some of those definitely could have been from a challenge on Project Runway...

I also attended an event protesting sexual violence against women and victim blaming. Some of you may have heard about these events, called Slutwalks, that came as a response to a Toronto policeman's statement that if women didn't want to get raped they should change what they wear. (i.e., it's her fault she was raped because of how she was dressed.) There have been walks all over the world and my friend Angie organized the one here in Hong Kong. There was a media frenzy and a large group (maybe 200 people?) walked from Causeway Bay to a recreation area in Wan Chai for speeches and presentations.

MONDAY: I was off and spent most of the day at my apartment cleaning and catching up on housework. Funny how that laundry monster seems to grow and grow... I skyped with my lovely mother that evening and it was so good to catch up with her.

TUESDAY: Day at the office working on case files and meeting with clients. I took notes at a meeting in the evening of the 3rd National Consultation of Service Providers to Ethnic Minorities in HK (CSPEM-HK). Service Providers in HK (like the Catholic Centre and some of the shelters and other migrant organizations) came together to talk about ways to improve the situation for migrant workers in Hong Kong. They came up with a "wish list" of things that would make a big difference to MWs. There will be more meetings next year to advance the proposals with the appropriate government agencies and individual initiatives. Afterward I went to my friend Becca's house in Yuen Long since I had to be in Tuen Mun in the morning and she lives close to there. It was also her last night in Hong Kong! She left the next morning to go back to West Virginia for Christmas. I will miss her!! Most of my ex-pat friends are departing for home in the next few weeks.

WEDNESDAY: I met with my client in the morning at the Tuen Mun Police Station. She is out on bail at the moment while an investigation is going on (this is the client whose employer accused her of hitting the child--when really it was a light smack on the hand when the child was kicking and hitting her and trying to spit in her face). They ended up extending her bail until Sunday, so she has to report back then (drat! I can't go). They will either extend her bail again, say that they concluded the investigation and did not find sufficient evidence to charge her with anything, or say that they did find enough evidence to charge her. Really hoping for situation #2... I headed to the mission in the afternoon, and then served with Rev. Catherine at the evening 6pm service at St. John's. She is delightful! And she invited me to her flat on Boxing Day (gotta love the brits!) since we are all so busy on Christmas Day. Really looking forward to that!

TODAY: Went to a demonstration at the Philippine Consulate in honor of International Human Rights Day, which is actually Saturday but they are closed on Saturday. I went by the post office to mail my Christmas Letter (which I will also post here) and gifts for my family back home, and then in the afternoon spent time with clients working on paperwork. It was quite a full day!

TOMORROW: Another full day, with a workshop on epilepsy and first aid and keeping case files updated and the database too. My friend Kyle's birthday is this coming weekend so some friends are getting together in the evening to celebrate. I'm serving on Sunday, and next week is shaping up to be another busy week!

Thanks for tuning in! I hope you are all having a blessed advent and preparing for the joy of Christ's coming into the world.

Grace and Peace,


  1. Interesting to read about your happenings, Cuz!

    I enjoyed chatting with you on Thanksgiving weekend. Have a merry Christmas!


  2. I am so proud of you Kathleen. When you said where you were being sent to serve, I googled and I thought it could be valuable service. I think this is hugely valuable work, but also valuable for you, because, really, this must be such a growing time.

    I wish you grace and peace at Christmas, and will be thinking of you, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan!

    with love from