15 November 2011

Here am I Lord / Anglican Alliance

Part of my daily prayer practice includes the Jesuits' daily 'pray as you go' podcast. Today's podcast begins with a beautiful chant: "Here am I Lord, I have come to do your will / Here am I Lord, in your presence I am still." I could sing this all day. Not only is it beautiful but a good centering prayer to begin the day. A reminder that I am here to do God's will, and that in God's presence I can be still and at peace.

This week I am taking (a very small) part in the Anglican Alliance asia region consultation conference. There are representatives from dioceses/provinces/agencies from all over the world, including Africa, Australia, Latin America, United States (go ERD!), the UK, China/Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Burma, the Philippines, Canada, Sri Lanka... I think that's all... anyway, all have come to discuss what the work of the Alliance will look like as a whole and in the Asia region. There have been three previous consultations in other parts of the world and so some of the groundwork has already been laid.

As a scribe I have been taking notes during presentations, workshops, and discussions about advocacy, peace and reconciliation, and migrants and refugees. It can be a bit challenging since I keep getting drawn into the discussions but I've managed to stay on task so far.

The group is a lively bunch, very enthusiastic about the work that will be done and coming together to do it. The first night we had an amazing banquet in Central with the Archbishop of Hong Kong, The Most Rev. Paul Kwong. He was a gracious host and I managed to snag him for a few minutes to introduce myself, thank him for having me here in Hong Kong, and give him a pin of the crest of the Diocese of Tennessee which I had brought with me when I came here in July. He was very kind. (if we are friends on FB, there is a video that we made at the table.. my battery died but it was really fun, so check it out.. it will take ages and ages to upload here I'm afraid.)

I have really enjoyed spending time with the people who have come to Hong Kong. I am taking some folks up to Mong Kok to the Ladies Market tonight (I had to explain that they do not sell Ladies there, but rather things Ladies enjoy, like clothes and shoes and purses, haa..)

More to come, and pictures as well, later in the week.

Grace and Peace,

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