18 April 2012

Less than a month

Looking at my calendar I noticed I have just under a month left in Hong Kong. What! Where did all that time go?!

I have started to transition from I Live Here to I'm Moving Home mode... I've gone through some of my things, deciding what to pack and what to give away. I came to Hong Kong with little luggage and while I have accumulated some things here, not everything has to go back with me! There are still some things I want to see and do, and my friends and co-workers are planning going-away parties. It will be so sad to say goodbye to them, sa muling pakikita!  but I am thrilled that I will get to see my family and friends from home soon. This has been a great journey and I am so thankful that you are reading along with me. God has blessed me so much throughout the past year. 

We are getting ready for the next Give Care event to take place on Sunday--my last one, although there will be several more this year. I am sad to miss the one happening on May 20 in Victoria Park with our Indonesian friends. 
Staff Training with Dan
The main project I am doing right now is to get my co-workers confident and updated with Microsoft Office 2010---our database depends on it! Right now we are a little behind on encoding the first quarter but hoping to catch up so I can compile the data before I leave. We had a couple of staff training session with our new friend Dan from Crossroads. He graciously offered up some time on his day off to volunteer to help us get comfortable with Microsoft Word 2010. Bonus: he speaks Tagalog! Thank you so much Dan!!

Thanks Dan!
I have also been helping Rev. Catherine send out letters to all the dioceses in the Anglican Communion about the Refugee & Migrant Network. She is in the Philippines right now, returning this weekend, so I look forward to working more with her in my last three weeks!

Not sure if I will be able to make my Cheung Chau trip happen... I was hoping to go for a day and spend the night before returning the next day, get some beach time in, but the weather has been sooo stormy lately! Hopefully the next YASCer can take more advantage of that beautiful place and enjoy some time away from the city. 

Stay tuned for a GCC update next week, and possibly the trip to Cheung Chau, and my friends and I are having a Bye By HK Tram Party on Friday! One of my friends here is leaving for a trip around Southeast Asia on April 30 so she won't be here when I leave, that's why we decided to have it so early. 

Grace and Peace,

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