17 August 2011

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life
You are probably wondering what it is I do on a daily basis, so here is a little breakdown:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I am at the Mission, answering the phone and/or helping with clients who have enquiries about illegal agency fees or issues with their employer. During the week things are a little slow but it is important to be available to anyone who shows up. I like to arrive here a little early so I can spend some quiet time in the Cathedral. Sometimes that time is not so quiet--the organist is practicing, people are cleaning, visitors wandering around taking photos--but it is important to be able to find peace amongst those situations too. ;)
Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to the women’s shelter, the Bethune House. This may change in the future, as the current location is no longer available and they are looking for a new place. They will maintain offices on the current premises but will have to move to a permanent location, as yet to be determined.
Saturdays I have the day off, and I have the option of taking a half day during the week as well. I usually spend the day cleaning my apartment or running errands, or spending time with friends. Spencer introduced me to some folks before she left, and I am so grateful! It is nice to have friends to run around with who are familiar with all of the fun things happening here in Hong Kong.  
Sundays are by far the busiest days! I go to the 9am service at the Cathedral then head to the Mission, which usually gets very crowded. Sundays are the only days off migrant workers usually have (aside from public holidays, but sometimes they have to work some on those days), so it is a big day for those who need to make enquiries and are not able to come during the week. In the future I will also go to Victoria Park in the afternoon to spend time with Indonesian migrants, to improve their English and my Bahasa.
I hope that the postcards and letters I have sent will reach their destinations this week! Snail-mail takes so long but isn’t it fun to get things in the mail that aren’t bills? My mailbox is sadly so empty! If you wish to send me a letter you can send it to:
Kathleen Clark
Apt 5E
Wing Fu Mansion
10-24 Parkes Street
Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong SAR

I hope you will! But I love hearing from friends back home, whether through letters or email or comments here on the blog. I invite yours, as always, and your thoughts and questions too.

Grace and Peace,

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  1. Thanks for letting us share your experience, Cuz!