20 July 2011

Week 1 almost gone!

What an amazing week!

I have been getting acclimated to my new home here in Hong Kong. Spencer has taken me around the neighborhood and introduced me to my co-workers and a few friends. The Cathedral is amazing and I'm looking forward to working there. The Bethune House is also a wonderful place to be--I met so many lovely ladies there, and I even helped make Spring Rolls!

I will start working on Sunday so I am taking this first week to get over my jetlag (I get so sleepy in the afternoons!) and find my way around the city. Spencer and I went to Lamma island last night for dinner--I am really looking forward to going back there to hike when it gets cooler! Such a neat place.

I really love Hong Kong so far and will share a few pictures! Looking forward to an amazing year here! I promise I will upload some pictures soon ;)


  1. It's good to hear that you're getting settled in. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about work next week!

  2. Kathleen, We are so glad to hear you're doing well. The women of St. Paul's will soon be forming a chapter of the ECW. Once that's done we will want to talk about keeping track of you more closely and I'm sure there will be discussions about how we can support you! ECW's mission statement includes the following: "The purpose of this organization shall be to assist the women of the Episcopal Church to carry on Christ's work of reconciliation in the world and to take their place as leaders in the life, governance, and worship of the church." Your mission rests right in the middle of ECW's purpose! God bless you and we'll be watching this site and finding other ways to keep up! Claire B.

  3. karen, pictures are coming soon!

    Claire, thank you so much! The support from back home means so much. I learned at our orientation in Toronto that one of the primary functions of the ECW when it first formed was support of missionaries! So glad to hear St Paul's will be forming a chapter. stay in touch!! <3